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16 November 2020 - Weekly Website Updates


Herkese merhaba!


We've come halfway to November, time flies by really fast when you're not paying much attention to it.

Let me talk about what happened at Turkishaholic last week.


Free Content Updates:

Last week, I made another vocabulary video lesson called 50 Places in a Turkish City

This video lesson will teach you 50 words for places like school, hospital, museum, etc. In case you visit Turkey (hopefully once this Covid-19 issue is over) you can use it when you get around the city.

I may or may not do a new video lesson this week because I'm working really hard to finish up the Exercises section of the website. If I have some spare time, I'll be doing the video lesson for the newly added Adjectives For People and Things vocabulary lesson. Be sure to check out the Vocabulary section for various Turkish vocabulary lessons.


I'm also still continuing (and will continue) with the Social Media Freebies that I post every, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so be sure follow our social media channels for the updates:


Premium Section Updates:

Last week I've added A LOT of new Grammar Exercises to the premium section. Turkishaholic will soon be a one-of-a-kind Turkish learning portal with hundreds (actually thousands) of grammar exercises.

If you want to invest on your Turkish studies, I suggest that you check out the benefits you'll get from becoming an Unlimited Member. Be sure to read all the documentation at the User Manual page.

Last week I've added exercises for the following topics:

  • Infinitives
  • Spatial Postpositions
  • Simple Past Tense
  • Comparatives
  • Evidential Past
  • Aorist Tense
  • Obligations & Necessities
  • Imperative & Optative Mood
  • Potential Mood

If you're an Unlimited member, please go and check these exercises. Let me know whether you liked them or not. I'm also open to any suggestions from your behalf 😉


Ok, I guess that's it for last weeks update. Hope you have a nice week 🙂



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