Turkish Grammar Exercises

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These are exercises for all the Turkish Grammar topics (from the video courses). Click the topic names to see a variety of exercises available for a certain grammar point. New exercises are added every week.

The Turkish Alphabet
Vowel Harmony
Consonant Assimilation
Word Stress
Cardinal Numbers
Ordinal Numbers
Present To Be – Suffix
Past To Be – Suffix
Genitive and Possessive
Present Continuous Tense
Case Markers
Wh- Question Words
Spatial Postpositions
Simple Past Tense
Simple Future Tense
Evidential Past (-miş)
Aorist Tense
Obligations & Necessities
Imperative & Optative Mood
Potential Mood
Reciprocal Verbs
Reflexive Verbs
While V+ing (-ken)
Conditionals (If Clause)
Causative Verbs
Passive Voice
Relative Clauses
Adverbial Verbs
Indirect (Reported) Speech
Reasoning Structures
Contrasting Structures

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