What is the Ablative Case?

We use the ablative case to talk about a point of a departure, “place of which” and indicating a comparison. The Turkish suffix for the ablative case is “-den/-dan/-ten/-tan” which corresponds to “from” in English.


-den/-dan after soft consonantsb/c/d/g/ğ/j/l/m/n/r/v/y/z
-den/-dan after vowele/i/ö/ü/a/ı/o/u
-ten/-tan after hard consonantsç/f/h/k/p/s/ş/t


  • Okuldan eve dönüyorum – I’m returning from school.
  • Marketten birşey istiyor musun? – Do you want anything from the market?
  • Benim arabam, o arabandan daha güzel – My car is prettier than that car.
  • Yağmurdan nefret ediyorum – I hate the rain.
  • Yorgunluktan başım ağrıyor – I have a headache from tiredness.


Question Sentences

You can also make the question words “From Where” and “From Whom” by adding the ablative case suffix to the question words “Nere” and “Kim”, making them “Nereden” and “Kimden”:


  • Nereden geldin? – Where did you come from?
  • İstanbuldan geldim – I came from Istanbul


  • O hediye kimden? – Who’s that present from?
  • Arkadaşımdan – From my friend.
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