Comparison Gerunds in Turkish

Comparison gerunds are used to compare two or more things. These things could be physical or abstract. In English, we translate them as ‘as much as’, ‘as that much’, ‘as is’ and ‘to …’.

There are four comparison gerunds we will learn in this lecture:

  • ‘-dığı kadar’ as ‘as much as’
  • ‘-acak kadar’ as ‘as that much’
  • ‘-dığı gibi’ as ‘as is’
  • ‘-cesine’ as ‘to …’


For ‘-dığı kadar’ as ‘as much as’


  • Eline taşıyabildiğin kadar poşet al.

(Take as much plastic bags as you can carry.)


  • Çocuk yiyebildiği kadar sosisli sandviç yedi.

(The kid ate as many hot dogs as he could.)


For ‘-acak kadar’ as ‘as that much’


  • Parasız riske girecek kadar aptal değilim.

(I’m not as that stupid to take a risk with no money.)


  • Lütfen herkes kendine yetecek kadar alsın.

(Everyone please take as that much you need.)


For ‘-dığı gibi’ as ‘as is’


  • Büyük gemi olduğu gibi battı.

(The big ship sank as is.)


  • Yediği gibi geri çıkardı.

(He threw up as is he ate.)


For ‘-cesine’ as ‘to …’


  • Adamlar birbirlerini öldürürcesine kavga ettiler.

(The men fought to death)


  • Kıtlıktan çıkmışcasına

(He ate to devour.)

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