Speaking Turkish in 30 Days – Full Turkish Video Course

This is the first full Turkish video course featured in Turkishaholic and its free for everyone who is interesting in starting Turkish.

This free Turkish Grammar video course was made for both beginners and novice speakers to learn the fundamentals of Turkish Grammar. Each grammar topic is described jargon free and on point to save you time. There are enough examples to understand each grammar point for each topic.

The topics are divided into 30 Days or 30 lectures, but you don’t have to finish every topic in that amount of time. You should spend at least 5 days on 1 lecture.

If you would like to do practice grammar exercises, please consider becoming a Premium member. You will get access to so many more video courses and content, only available to Premium members. Don’t worry, it’s really cheap.

For more information about Premium Membership, click the link: What is Turkishaholic?

Please download the free PDF transcript of this course from the below link and follow the video course with that PDF. You need to register for a free account (Basic) to see the download file.

Course Booklet (Login to see file):

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If you have any questions about any of the lessons in this course, feel free to use the forums to ask them to me. I usually answer within 12-24 hours: Speaking Turkish in 30 Days Forum

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