What are Manner Adverbs?

The first and foremost type of adverb that you will probably use a lot when you start speaking Turkish is the manner adverbs. With these adverbs, we describe in what manner the action (the verb) we do.


Turkish adverbs are made by adding the suffix “-ce/-ca/-çe/-ça” to adjectives:

AdjectiveManner Adverb
HızlıFast / QuickHızlıcaQuickly


We use Manner adverbs before a verb and answer the question “nasıl” (how) :


  • Doktor hastayla sessizce konuştu. (The doctor talked quietly with the patient)
  • Annem yavaşça odama girdi. (My mother slowly entered my room)
  • Casus gizlice çatıya çıktı. (The spy secretly climbed the roof)


Be careful with the vowel harmony when using the manner adverb suffix. Some adjectives can’t use the “-ce” suffix, but instead use the word “bir biçimde” or “bir şekilde” meaning “in a way” that also has the same meaning of the “-ce” suffix.


  • Kız, üzücü bir şekilde hikaye anlattı. (The girl told a story in a sad way)
  • Oğlan sempatik bir biçimde kıza yaklaştı. (The boy approached the girl sympathetically)
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