The Conjunctions “Ne varki”, “ne yazıkki” and “halbuki”

The conjunctions “ne varki” and “gelgelelim” mean “however” in English. These conjunctions introduce a contrasting sentence to the next sentence. It also has a hopelessness meaning in the sentence.

  • Kilo vermek için herşeyi denedim. Ne varki/gelgelelim bir türlü incelemiyorum.

(I tried everything inorder to lose weight. However I can’t seem to get thinner.)


  • Ali sporda çok başarılı. Ne varki/gelgelelim derslerinde çok başarısız.

(Ali is really successful at sports. However, he is really unsucessful at his studies.)


The Conjunctions “ne yazıkki” and “maalesef”

The conjunctions “ne yazık ki” and “maalesef” mean “unfortuanetly” in English. They can be use in response to a statement or used in an original statement.

  • Ali’nin doğum günü partisine geliyor musun? (Are you coming to Ali’s birthday party?)

Ne yazık ki/Maalesef gelemiyorum. (Unfortuanetly I can’t come)


  • Çok uğraştım, ne yazık ki/maalesef yapamadım.

(I tried so hard, unfortuanetly I couldn’t do it.)


The Conjunctions “halbuki” and “oysaki”

The conjunctions “halbuki” and “oysa(ki)” mean “though” or “whereas” in English. They are used to compare or contrast two statements. The “oysa” conjunction can optionally use the “-ki” at its end:

  • Toplantıya geciktim, halbuki/oysaki sabah erken kalkmıştım.

(I was late for the meeting, whereas/though I had woken up early.)


  • Arkadaşım bana kızdı. Halbuki/Oysaki benim suçum yoktu.

(My friend was mad at me, whereas/though I wasn’t at fault.)


The Conjunction “güya”

The conjunction “güya” means “allegedly” or “supposedly” in English. This conjunction is used when when want to believe what the other person has said despite not agreeing with them. Most of the time, it’s used at the beginning of a sentence:

  • Güya bugün beni ziyaret edecekti.

(Supposedly/allegedly he was going to visit me today)


  • Güya sadece üç kişi gelecekti, burada otuz kişi var!

(Supposedly/allegedly only three people were coming, there are thirty people here!)

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