What are Question Adverbs?

Question adverbs give us the reason and the meaning of the action through a question. Just like how normal sentences use adverbs, question sentences basically use these adverbs.


Let’s see the list of question adverbs:

Ne zaman / KaçtaWhen
Neden / NiçinWhy
Ne kadarHow much / How long
Ne biçimWhat kind of
Ne diyeWhat for?


Here are some sentence examples:

  • Neden geç kaldın? (Why were you late?)
  • Ne diye beni aramadın? (What for you didn’t call me?)
  • Annemlerden İstanbul’dan ne zaman dönecek? (When will my mothers return from Istanbul?)
  • Bu ne biçim bir hayvan? (What kind of animal is that?)
  • İzmir’e gelmemize daha ne kadar var? (How long till we get to İzmir?)


Interjection Usage

Sometimes these adverbs can be used as interjections like in English:


  • Ne güzel bir ev! (What a beautiful house!)
  • Bana ne zaman geleceğini söylemedi. (He didn’t tell me when he was coming)
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