If you want to suggest or desire something in your action, you can use the Subjunctive Verb. Subjunctive Verbs basically mean “let someone do …” in English. We make a verb subjunctive by adding the suffix “-(y)eyim/-(y)ayım” for oneself action or “-(y)elim/-(y)alım” for more than one person and erasing the infinitive suffix “-mek/-mak”.


a, ı, o, ue ,i ,ö ,ü


Active VerbSubjunctive Verb
KonuşmakTo talkKonuşayımLet me speak
KonuşalımLet’s speak
AlmakTo buyAlayımLet me buy
AlalımLet’ buy
GörmekTo seeGöreyimLet me see
GörelimLet’s see
sevmekTo loveSeveyimLet me love
SevelimLet’s love
BulmakTo findBulayımLet me find
BulalımLet’s find
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