How to Use Turkishaholic?

Why Choose Turkishaholic?

If you want to learn Turkish online and searched various learning platforms available, you might have seen that there is repetitive pattern. Most online Turkish learning websites focus on giving you hundreds of podcasts that try to teach you Turkish. Yes, podcasts are a fun way to learn a language, but is it a sufficient way to learn a language?

When you’re learning a new language, the most important thing that you have to be aware of is how you learn that language. If you don’t have a professional teacher next to you to guide you the way, you will end up making a lot of mistakes. With the internet, learning new things have become a lot easier than before and we don’t need any guidance from anyone to learn them.

There are maybe thousands of free YouTube videos that can teach anything you want. But how do you know whether they are the right choice? Will you learn the language in the right path? How will they support your progress? And how will you contact them when you need assistance with a question you have? These questions also apply for learning Turkish online.

At Turkishaholic, your professional Turkish teacher (which is me, Gokberk Talu) will always be providing you the utmost care and assistance, whenever you need. Even if you’re learning online through a website, it doesn’t mean that you have to do everything by yourself. If you have anything on your mind regarding Turkish or Turkey, just ask them at the community forums and I will respond to you as quick as I can. You can also contact me directly by sending an email to contact (at) turkishaholic (dot) com.

Be sure to read the rest of this how-to article to learn more about Turkishaholic!

How to Register an Account

First of all, if you are still a guest and haven’t registered to the website, you should do that immediately because you will miss some of the important features just because you don’t have a free account.

To register for an account, you can click on the “Register” link on the main menu at the top of the page. If you’re visiting here through your smartphone or a low-resolution tablet, you will see a hamburger menu (three lines on top of each other) just click that and you’ll see the menu. After you click on the “Register” link you will see the below page.

Turkishaholic Membership Types 

Turkishaholic has a total of four membership types; Basic (free), Premium, Premium Plus, and Gold memberships. So what does each membership have? Let me briefly explain:

Basic Membership

  • You will have a free life-time account with access to the basic parts of the website.
  • You can use the Turkish Grammar, Lessons and PDFs and the Foreigner Guides section.
  • You can watch short free Turkish video lectures in the Lessons and PDFs section.
  • You will be able to download free PDF files available in the Turkish Learning Portal. These are mainly files in the Lessons and PDFs section.
  • You will be able to comment on the Blog posts.
  • You can also use the Community Forums to talk about topics related to Turkish and Turkey. There is no need to make a separate account as your account is also linked to the forums.
  • You will get unlimited teacher feedback from me at the Community Forums, free of charge.

And that’s about it. You’re missing some of the best features of the website, which I will tell next.

Premium Membership

The best parts of the Turkishaholic website is only open to Premium and above members. At Turkishaholic we don’t have a subscription system, so these memberships are all timed memberships. You buy once and then use it until your membership expires.

Premium Membership is $10 (one-time payment) and it gives you full access to the website for 30 days.

Once you become a Premium member, besides the Turkish Grammar, Lessons and PDfs and Foreigner Guides, you can use the rest of the categories in the Turkish Learning Portal, which are Grammar Exercises, Spoken Turkish and Written Turkish.

Inside the Grammar Exercises section, you can do four different types of Turkish Grammar Exercises:

  • You can practice Reading Exercises (articles or dialogues with questions)
  • Writing Exercises (fill in the blanks or essays)
  • Speaking Exercises (you record your answer, upload it and I will give you feedback)
  • Listening Exercises (you listen to something and write or select the correct answers)

This exercises section is unique to Turkishaholic. You won’t find many Turkish learning websites that have this much diversity for its exercise section. Some websites don’t even have an exercises section.

Next, the Spoken Turkish section has materials tailored towards improving your Spoken Turkish. There are Speaking Podcasts about different topics, long speeches or small lectures that give you tips on improving your speaking. Most websites always skip speaking because they think it’s a hassle, but that’s not the case here in Turkishaholic.

Finally, the Written Turkish section is similar to that of the Spoken Turkish section. Here, there are reading articles, stories, essay topics and also short lectures giving you tips on improving your writing.

I’ve saved the best section for last, the Video Courses section. This section is not inside the Turkish Learning Portal, it has a separate section which you can access by clicking the Courses link in the main menu. Once you click the link, you will see this page:

The Video Courses section features full-fledged Turkish Video Courses about either learning Turkish or topics related to Turkey. These courses are not available in the Lessons and PDFs section or the Turkishaholic YouTube channel, only here. You can click on the Course Categories selector to see the list of the specific type of courses. This section is updated sometimes monthly or sometimes every two to three months because it takes a lot of time to make such courses.

Premium Plus Membership

Any of the memberships above the Premium membership is the same in content, the only difference is the length of the membership.

With Premium Plus, you get access to the full website for 6 months, only $30. If you were to renew your Premium membership normally every month, it would cost you $60 for 6 months, so you’re getting 3 months free with this membership. You save $30 for 6 months instead of $60, it’s a good deal!

Gold Membership

Would you like to future-proof your Premium membership? Every week, new stuff is added to the Premium section of the Turkishaholic website. Do you want to save a lot of money and be able to access these goodies for 365 days?

With Gold membership, for only $60 you get access to the Turkishaholic Premium section for 365 days and you save a whopping $60! Normally, this would cost you $120! This is an insane deal!

Do you ever think you can learn Turkish online (for 1 year) for such a low price? I don’t think so! This plan is the most favorite membership plan among members and for a good reason. Don’t wait, future-proof yourself and enjoy all the benefits that Turkishaholic has to offer for an extremely low price!

Managing Your Account

You can see your account settings by clicking on the Account link at the main menu. Once you click it, you will see two tabs, one named Membership and the other named Progression.

The Membership tab shows information about your account, membership type and invoices. You can also see your expiration date of your Premium membership at this page. You can change or cancel your membership from this page (but no need to cancel a Basic membership – since it’s free).

The Progression tab shows all the video courses and exercises that you’ve done in the Premium section of the website. You can see all the statistics about your video course progressions and results to all the exercises that you’ve taken so far. If you need to change any of the settings in your profile (like email address or password) you can click on the Edit Profile link right under your name.

How to Learn Turkish?

Ok, you’ve made your account and you’re ready to start learning Turkish, let me show you the way. I will talk about the two types of learning you can use at Turkishaholic, one for Basic members and one for Premium Members.

Before you move on, I suggest that you subscribe to the free Turkishaholic newsletter because I talk about the updates made to the website mainly through the newsletter. From time to time you will also get subscriber-specific benefits mailed to your email like a limited time Premium membership, and so on. Fill out the form below to subscribe to the newsletter. Don’t worry, all your information is encrypted and you will never get any spam emails. You can unsubscribe any time you want too.

Turkishaholic Newsletter
We respect your privacy. You can opt-out anytime.

Learn Turkish Online (Basic Route)

If you have almost zero knowledge of Turkish, I recommend that you start with the “Speaking Turkish in 30 Days” video course. You can access this course from the Turkish Learning Portal, it’s in the Lessons and PDFs section, inside the Turkish Courses category. Alternatively, you can click the button below the image to directly access it.


Now the Speaking Turkish in 30 Days isn’t exactly a zero-beginner course for learning Turkish, but it is a good start. I would advise that you do no more than two chapters a week (chapters as in Days for the lesson titles). So spend a week for the lessons “Turkish Alphabet” and “Vowel Harmony & Consonant Mutation”, so on and so forth. Don’t forget to download the course booklet too!

How to Get Teacher Feedback (Basic)

If you have any questions about any of the lessons inside this video course, you should use the Community Forums to ask them to me. This video course has its board in the forums named Speaking Turkish in 30 Days under the Turkish Video Courses section. Write your questions there and I will get back to in 12 to 24 hours.

You can supplement your studies with the free PDF Cheatsheets available in the Lessons and PDFs section. Download them and print them.

If you need to review a certain Turkish Grammar topic, you can use the Turkish Grammar section inside the Turkish Learning Portal. I try to explain the topics in minimal-jargon and in an easy to understand way.

I also advise that you use the Student Diary section at the forums to write a diary of your day or about various topics in Turkish. I will check your Written Turkish there and give you personal feedback on how to write better.

You can also use the Talk Turkish section to upload your audio recordings made in Turkish. Just like the Student Diary section, I will also give you personal feedback so that you can improve your Spoken Turkish.

If you’re learning Turkish outside of Turkishaholic, like in a language institute and you need help with your homework or have any other questions, feel free to ask me at the Homework section in the forums.

Try to use the Community Forums a lot because that will be your main place to get feedback from me to improve your Turkish. You can also talk about different topics besides learning Turkish, like living in Turkey, Working in Turkey, Studying in Turkey or Turkish culture in general.

How to Learn with Video Courses (Premium)

The premium member learning route has more options compared to Basic member learning route. If you’re a complete beginner, I made a special course just for you named Introduction to Turkish. This is a zero-beginner Turkish learning video course, unlike the Speaking Turkish in 30 Days which is a general level course. You can get access to this course by clicking on the Courses link at the main menu and then clicking on the course image named Introduction to Turkish.


You are now on the course curriculum page. Before you start, go to the Materials tab right underneath the course image and download the course booklet. You will need it while you’re watching the video lessons. Just like the Speaking Turkish in 30 Days, I advise that you spend a week on every two lessons.

Most lessons also have their exercises that you can practice what you’ve learned. They are available right underneath the lesson name. Click on Expand All to see all of the available exercises for this course.

Some exercises give you immediate feedback while some require me to give you personal feedback (like writing and speaking exercises). I generally take a look at your answer in 12 hours or shorter, sometimes even quicker. You can also use the video course board for Introduction to Turkish for any questions.

How to Get Teacher Feedback (Premium)

Apart from the feedback for the exercises, the feedback system is the same for Premium members. You can ask for any kind of Turkish-related help at the Turkishaholic Community Forums. If you need help specific to a video course or for a material in the Turkish Learning Portal, you can use the corresponding forum to write your comment. I will get back to you in around 12 to 24 hours. Alternatively, you can send me an email at contact (at) turkishaholic (dot) com, and I can also answer your questions there too.

Turkish Learning Portal (Premium)

If you don’t want to do video courses (which I highly recommend that you do), you can also practice Turkish with the materials in the Spoken Turkish and Written Turkish section.

For practice related to Spoken Turkish, I have Long Speeches which are example speech that I’ve recorded about certain topics. You can either listen to example answer to practice or record your recording and send it to me through the Community Forums’ Talk Turkish section or use the quiz system and upload your answer if you want privacy. I will give you personal feedback as soon as possible.

For practice related to Written Turkish, I have articles about various topics. These are long articles that you can read and translate. You can also answer their discussion questions by writing answers or sending a recording too. Use the forums or the quiz system to send me your answers.

If you just want to practice your grammar, visit the Exercises section and do various exercises ranging from Reading and Writing exercises to Listening and Speaking exercises.

Skype Lessons with Gokberk

If you’re interested in a Skype lesson with me, you can book a lesson from the Turkishaholic website. Just click on the Private Lessons link at the main menu to see the page. This page requires a separate account not linked to the main website. Before you book a lesson through the booking system, register a free account so that you can keep track of your bookings.

The booking system is pretty straight forward. You select the lessons category, service, and the teacher. Later you select the date and time in which you want the lesson. If you want, you can have a repeated lesson schedule with me every week. For example, you can have a lesson with me every Friday at 10 am by selecting the required parameters from the system. Once you’re set, you come to the payment gateway. You can pay the lessons with your credit card or PayPal account. An hour of skype lesson is only $11, which is pretty cheap.

If you have questions about the private lessons or the booking system, simply contact me at contact (at) turkishaholic (dot) com . I will send you my Skype name and we can chat beforehand about the lesson you want or the questions you have before we officially start our Skype lessons.

Read and Learn More (Blog)

From time to time, I write blog posts about certain topics either related to learning Turkish or about Turkey. You can check out the posts that I wrote by clicking on the Blog link at the main menu.

I especially urge you to take a look at my mega article named 10 Easy Things You Don’t Do When Learning a Language. I talk about some important things that most people either don’t do or avoid when learning a new language (not only Turkish).

How to Learn Even More!

Thank you for reading all the way to the end. Before you start your journey I would also like you to check out the Turkishaholic YouTube Channel (Learn Turkish with Gokberk) and subscribe there. If you like any of the content I made, be sure to share them with friends and family that are also interested in Learning Turkish.

If you’re using Facebook, I’ve recently made a Facebook Group where you can also ask your questions about learning Turkish and do some fun activities. I sometimes do some fun games and give free limited Premium Memberships to winners, so don’t forget to check it out.

If you ever need to contact me for any reason, you can either use the Community Forums or email me at contact (at) turkishaholic (dot) com. I hope you enjoy the things I provide here. Best of luck with your Turkish learning adventure!

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