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Wh- Question Words

Today’s lesson focuses on a more basic but still important part of the Turkish language, questions words. We have already seen how question sentences are formed in Turkish. There are ‘To Be’ type questions (also called conditional type questions) that only uses the question particle ‘mi/mu’ and the question words that are used with action verbs. Let’s see the list of all the question words available in Turkish.

Question WordEnglish
NeredenFrom Where
NereyeTo Where
Ne zamanWhen
Neden / Niye
/ Niçin
HangisiWhich one
KiminWhose (is it)
KimeTo Whom
Ne KadarHow much /
How many
Ne SıklıklaHow often
Kaç taneHow many

When making question sentences in Turkish with action verbs, most of the sentences start with an Object, then the question words and finally the action verb conjugated into the appropriate tense and personal suffix.

  • Bugün akşam yemeği için ne yapıyorsun?
  • What are you doing for dinner today?
  • Baban işten ne zaman geldi?
  • When did your father came from work?
  • Arkadaşım Ahmet’in arabasını kim kullanıyor?
  • Who is using my friend Ahmet’s car?
  • Pazardan ne kadar elma aldın?
  • How many apples did you buy from the bazaar?
  • Arabada kaç tane top var?
  • How many balls are in the car?
  • Ne sıklıkla basketbol oynarsın?
  • How often do you play basketball?

Tag Questions

Sentences with tag questions are also frequently used in conversational Turkish. You simply add ‘değil mi?’ to the end of the sentence regardless of the personal pronoun, the tense and whether it’s a positive or a negative sentences.

  • Yarın ablam geliyor, değil mi?
  • Tomorrow, my sister is coming, isn’t she?
  • Ödevini yapmadın, değil mi?
  • You didn’t do your homework, didn’t you?
  • Evde dondurma var, değil mi?
  • There is ice-cream at home, isn’t there?

Homework Time

It’s time to practice the Wh- Questions

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