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Welcome to the first lesson of the Beginner Turkish Sentences series. In this lesson, you will see fifty example Turkish sentences. I gave the links to the grammar and vocabulary lessons you need to study to make similar sentences as in the examples. If you haven’t watched the introduction video for this series, be sure to watch it first before you start any of these lessons. I explain how you need to study these sentences and learn from them. Hope you enjoy this lesson and be sure to use our Community Forums for speaking or writing practice. I’ll give you feedback on your sentences.

Study These Grammar

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Present To Be – B | P

Genitive & Possessive – B | P

Study These Vocabulary

All Turkish vocabulary lessons are free. Below, you can see which vocabulary lessons you need to study to understand the sentences in this lesson.

Important Beginner Adjectives

Job Names

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Hello (informal)

İyi günler

Good day

İyi akşamlar

Good evening

İyi geceler

Good night


Good morning


Good afternoon


How are you?


How are you? (Formal)

Naber (Ne haber)?

How are you? (Informal)


I’m fine / I’m good

İyilik, sağlık

(Everything’s good) as usual

İyi değilim

I’m not good

Sen nasılsın?

How are YOU? (Informal)

Siz nasılsınız?

How are YOU? (Formal)

Senden naber (ne haber) ?

Wassup (with you)? (Informal)

Ben de iyiyim

I’m good/fine too

Ben de iyi değilim

I’m not good/fine too

Hoş geldin(iz)


Hoş bulduk

We’re/I’m glad to be here


See you later (informal)

Görüşmek üzere

See you later

Sağlıcakla kal(ın/ınız)

Take care (of yourself) / Peace out

Hoşça kal


Allah’a ısmarladık

Good bye (used by religious people – said to those who’re leaving the house)


Thanks (informal)

Teşekkür ederim

Thank you (formal)


Thanks (informal/formal)

Rica ederim

You’re welcome


You’re welcome (used by religious people)

Adın(ız) ne?

What’s your name?

(Benim) adım Gökberk

My name is Gökberk

Onun adı ne?

What his/her name?

Onun adı Ayşe

Her name is Ayşe


Where are you from?


Where are you from? (formal)

O nereli?

Where is HE/SHE from?

(Ben) Türk’üm

I’m Turkish


I’m English


I’m American


I’m from India


I’m from Pakistan


I’m from Egypt


I’m German


I’m Russian


I’m Afghan

O Türk

He/She is Turkish

O İngiliz

He/She is English

Memnun oldum

Pleased to meet you

Ben de memnun oldum

Pleased to meet you too

You’ve come to the end of this lesson!

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