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Depending on your membership type, there are two ways to effectively use Turkishaholic and learn Turkish online.

Basic Member Learning Path

First let’s learn how Basic members can use Turkishaholic.

Once you registered and logged into Turkishaholic, I would first suggest that you start learning Turkish by watching our free Speaking Turkish in 30 Days which cover most of the important topics required for you to speak Turkish.

You can access this course from the homepage by clicking on the “Watch Lessons” image and later clicking on Speaking Turkish in 30 Days. Alternatively you can click on the hyperlinks on the texts for direct access.

Once you access the curriculum page of the Speaking Turkish in 30 Days course, please scroll down a little and click the “Course Manual” link. This will open up a new page with a video talking about the contents of this course. Be sure to watch this video until the end to learn what this course covers.

Ok, you should go back to the curriculum page of the Speaking Turkish in 30 Days course and download the PDF Transcript of this course. This is basically the course booklet and has exactly the same things mentioned in the video lessons in a written format.

If you’re viewing this page as a guest (not logged-in), you will need to make a free Basic account to see the download file.

If you don’t know how to make an account, please read our Membership Types and Registration documentation for more information.

Once you start watching the video lessons, be sure to take your time. Even if the course says “in 30 Days” in it’s title, you don’t need to find the course in 30 days. Take it slow and try to do a lot of practice.

For practicing what you learned, I would suggest that you use the Community Forums. In the Community Forums, you can do your practice at the “Practice Time” board.

You can do written and spoken Turkish practice. Write me sentences or upload your audio recordings practicing what you learned in Turkish. I’ll be sure to give you detailed feedback.

Learn New Vocabulary

One of the first thing you should do when learning a new foreign language is studying its vocabulary. Thankfully, I’ve got you covered.

If you go to the homepage and click on “Learn Words”, you will access all the available vocabulary lessons on Turkishaholic. Once you’ve learned how to pronounce the sounds of Turkish and can read words, try to learn all the vocabulary present in these short lectures.

These vocabulary lessons also have downloadable pdf cheat sheets with example sentences. Simply log-in and download your pdf sheet. You can print these pdf sheets and study at your own pace.

Turkish Conversations

Ok, you’re doing great so far. You’re watching the video lessons, asking me your questions at the Community Forums and doing practice by writing me your sentences and uploading your recordings.

Now, its time to move onto the Turkish Conversations section.

On the homepage, please click on the Study Materials image, Turkish Conversations is the first list you will see. There are currently 12 free Turkish Conversation series that you can watch. If you want to access the rest and the upcoming lessons, you need to be an Unlimited member.

Turkish Conversations are basically example dialogues about certain topics in Turkish. Each lesson has three dialogues. The first dialogue is an easy dialogue, the second one is an intermediate level dialogue and the last one is an advanced dialogue.

The dialogues can also be downloaded as PDF sheets for you to take home and study at your own pace. Isn’t it great?

Try doing shadowing exercises with these dialogues to improve your spoken Turkish. Shadowing exercises are basically imitation exercises, where you imitate the way the people in the dialogues speak. You can also try changing some of the words in the dialogue with different words to make your own original sentences or even dialogues.

Feel free to share your creations with me at the Turkishaholic Community Forums. I’ll give you detailed feedback on your creations!

Turkish Articles

Let’s say you’re an Intermediate level Turkish speaker and you need to challenge yourself. Then you should go to the Study Materials page again, scroll down a little and click on the Articles (With Audio).

These are basically reading articles with audio transcriptions, suitable for Intermediate and Advanced level speakers. These articles have different lenghts, some are short while some are pretty long.

You can try following the text while listening to my audio transcription of the text to improve your pronunciation, intonation and punctuation inside sentences.

Another thing you can do is try reading the text by yourself and translate it to your own language. All articles already have English translations available inside their dowloadable PDF’s, so you can check whether you translated it correctly or not.

At the bottom of the texts, there are vocabulary boxes with words used in that article that may be new to you. Try using the vocabulary box as a reference point for your translations.

And finally, try to answer the Discussion Questions at the bottom of the article to start a written or spoken debate at the Turkishaholic Community Forums. Let’s talk together (written or spoken)!

This is basically what you can do with a Basic Membership at Turkishaholic. It’s quite detailed, isn’t it? You will be suprised what else you can do with Unlimited Membership.

Unlimited Member Learning Path

Unlimited members have more flexibility and choices when it comes to using Turkishaholic to learn Turkish.

Once you’ve become an Unlimited Member, you get access to premium content not available to Basic members. If you’re a beginner to Turkish, I would suggest that you first start with the Introduction to Turkish video course.

To access the Introduction to Turkish video course, from the homepage, click on the Watch Lessonsand later click on the Introduction to Turkish link.

After you clicked on the link, you will see the curriculum of the course. It may look similar to the free Speaking Turkish in 30 Days course, but believe me, it is not. The Introduction to Turkish video course was made specifically for Zero-Beginners, meaning it is not a general course for all levels. It is a course specifically designed for people who don’t know any Turkish.

This course covers the basics and the fundamentals of Turkish language. Once you finish this course, you should reach Pre-Intermediate or Intermediate level Turkish (as long as you do what I’ll mention next).

You should first download your Course Booklet from the curriculum page and later watch the Course Manual video to learn how this course is done.

Once you understood what you need to do, you shouldn’t do any more than 2 video lessons in a week. Please don’t rush the topics, you don’t have any time limit, please take it slow.

Just like Basic members, you should use the Community Forums to ask me any kind of questions you didn’t understand about a specific topic. You can also do written and spoken Turkish practice at the forums. Use the Practice Time board if you want to do practice. I’ll give you detailed feedback on how to improve your Turkish.

Do Grammar Exercises

As an Unlimited member, you have access different types of grammar exercises for each grammar topic covered in any video course. It can be Reading, Writing, Speaking or Listening. You don’t have to keep doing boring fill in the blank or multiple choice exercises (although they are good), you can also do Speaking exercises where you actually have to speak Turkish or Listening exercises which require you to listen clearly to the passage.

If a video lesson has any exercises available, you will see their link at the bottom of the lesson page. Alternatively, from the homepage you can visit the Do Exercises section to see what kind of exercises are available.

There are four exercise categories:

  • Grammar Exercises
  • Vocabulary Exercises
  • Conversation Exercises
  • Article & Story Exercises

I will explain each category seperately. The Grammar Exercises are basically activities related to helping you practice a certain grammar topic.

Inside you can find:

  • Audio Recorder (Speaking)
  • Fill in the Blanks (Writing)
  • Dictation (Listening & Writing)
  • Speak The Words (Speaking)
  • Multiple Choice Tests (Comprehension)
  • True/False (Reading Comprehension)
  • Drag The Words (Game Type)
  • Drag and Drop (Game Type)
  • Translation (Writing)

and many more types of exercises. You won’t get bored doing the same old boring quizzes.

Most of these exercises are automated, so if you do an exercise, you will get automatic feedback. But be sure to ask me any questions you have at the Community Forums.

Learn Words & Do Practice

Just like with Basic membership, you can also use the Vocabulary section to learn new Turkish words to improve your Turkish. But in addition to simply memorizing these words by yourself, you can also use the Exercises section for each Vocabulary lesson.

Let me explain the exercise types in the Vocabulary Exercises part of the Do Exercises section:

  • Audio Recorder (Speaking)
  • Dictation (Listening & Writing)
  • Flash Cards (Memorization)
  • Find the Words (Game Type)
  • Multiple Choice (Reading)
  • Mark The Words (Game Type)
  • Fill in the Blanks (Writing)

and many more will be added to this section.

Learning new words has never been so fun! Let’s learn new vocabulary with these exercises!

Different Study Materials

Ok, I’ve explained the Turkish Conversations and Articles to you while describing the learning path for Basic members.

Unlimited members will get access to all these contents and upcoming new contents for this section. So you will never have to worry about not getting enough practice.

Just like the Vocabulary section, the Materials section also has its exercises section too! These are:

  • Conversation Exercises
  • Article & Story Exercises

These two exercise sections are a little different from the previous ones (and that’s a good thing).

Once you reach these topics, you will get sick of doing grammar exercises and playing games (maybe not games). At this point you will want to improve your reading and listening comprehension.

The exercises for these two sections will feature:

  • Interactive Book (Reading Comprehension)
  • Multiple Choice (Test)
  • Quizz Sets  (Multiple Test Types)
  • Summary (Comprehension)
  • Interactive Video (Listening Comprehension)

As you can see, it’s quite different from the earlier exercise types. These tests are one-of-a-kind and you won’t see anything like this anywhere else. No other Turkish learning platform has such a variety of exercises, trust me.

If you know have an idea on what to do, you should start learning Turkish! As always, feel free to contact me with any of your questions at the Community Forums!