Premium Membership Types

Thank you for your interest in Turkishaholic’s premium memberships. There are three types of premium memberships available on our website, these are Bronze and Unlimited. The learning content offered in each premium membership is the same (you get access to all parts of the website), the only difference is the duration of each premium membership.

Bronze Membership:

This membership gives you access to everything we offer for 30 days.

This premium membership type is ideal for people who are;

  • On a low budget
  • Who only want to see the ‘premium’ side
  • Only need 30 days of premium usage

The current price of Bronze membership is 25 Euro. While this premium membership type is the cheapest, compared to our Gold and Unlimited memberships, there is less cost/value for long term usage. I will explain why in a moment.

Unlimited Membership:

This membership gives you access to everything we offer without any time limits. Your premium membership will be open indefinetely!

This premium membership type is ideal for people who are;

  • Who are SERIOUS about learning Turkish
  • Who want to get access to the upcoming premium content
  • Who love Turkishaholic and Gökberk teacher! 😀

The current price of Unlimited membership is 125 Euro. This is the most chosen premium membership type for a good reason. Once you become an Unlimited member, your membership NEVER expires. Compared to Bronze and Gold, this is the best cost/value premium membership. I don’t think you even need to do the math to understand why its worth every penny 😉

When you purchase any of the premium membership types, it is only a one time payment. We don’t do monthly or yearly subscriptions. We don’t have any hidden fees!

There is no other website on the internet (according to my detailed Google searches) that offer so much for this much money. Most Turkish learning websites will want you to pay a recurring monthly/yearly fee and sometimes there are even more hidden fees. Some give you access to only a single course for the price of our Unlimited membership. With any of our premium memberships, you get access to everything – not just a single Turkish course!

Another good thing about Turkishaholic is that you’re supporting the very person who makes this content – me! Turkishaholic is not a multimillion dollar language company offering learning materials for hundreds of different languages. We only teach Turkish because that is our topic of authority and we love Turkey!

On the next documentation article, read about the founder of Turkishaholic and your Turkish teacher Gokberk. After that one, you will see some student testimonials talking about why Turkishaholic is the best website to learn Turkish online!

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