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In this documentation, let me explain all the benefits that Unlimited members have over Basic members.

Free vs Premium Content

While browsing the Turkishaholic website, you might have noticed that there are two different colors for the list icons, one is Turqoise like and the other is gold color.

Free Content
Premium Content

This is used to indicate whether the content you want to look at is a free or premium content. Premium content are only available to Unlimited members.

For example, in the Lessons section you can see what content is free or premium more easily because I also included headings above the list.

The vocabulary section is completely free for everyone to use. You only need to make a free BASIC membership account to download the pdf sheets. The reason for the membership is due to bandwith limit on my hosting. Unlimited members can get to practice these Turkish words with various exercises and games which will be available in the Exercises section.

The materials section is about 40% free and 60% premium content. For example, the Turkish Conversations (which are dialogue based learning materials) currently has 12 episodes that you can watch. I’m still adding new episodes, but those are only available to Unlimited members.

There are few Turkish articles with audio transcriptons available but the rest of the new content is only for Unlimited members. The Stories section is completely for Unlimited Members, so is the Speaking and Writing section.

One of the new section of Turkishaholic is the Exercises section which will feature various exercises for improving your Turkish proficiency. There will be reading, writing, speaking and listening exercises for all the grammar topics covered in both our free and premium video courses. Additionally, there will be games and comprehension exercises for the vocabulary lesson and all the other materials available at Turkishaholic.

As I mentioned before, Unlimited membership is a one-time-only payment which you can use a lifetime. If you’re still a Basic member, upgrade your membership to enjoy the full benefits of Turkishaholic!