The Vocabulary Section

The vocabulary section of Turkishaholic is different than any vocabulary section of a Turkish learning website that you might have seen. First of, I don’t just give a list of random Turkish words and expect you to memorize them without any context. That’s not how vocabulary should be learned. At Turkishaholic, I teach you Turkish vocabulary with example sentences. All vocabulary lessons are seperated into different themes and gramatical categories too. Additionally, all lessons have exercises too (available only to premium members).

There are two types of vocabulary lessons in this section:

  • Individual Vocabulary Lessons
  • Article-Related Vocabulary Lessons

Individual Vocabulary Lessons:

These Turkish vocabulary lessons are not connected with any reading article I published in the Resources section. Each lessons has about 50 words and 50 example sentences. Each word has its own example sentences, so that you will at least see the word in a small context.

Just the vocabulary section alone has about 450 example sentences, there are 700 more example sentences in the Sentences section too. So in total you can learn Turkish with 1150 example sentences, that’s crazy isn’t it! At the moment there are 9 individual vocabulary lessons.

Article-Related Vocabulary Lessons:

The Article-Related Vocabulary lessons are a bit different from the Individual Vocabulary lessons. These words are connected to the article that you will read in the Articles section. The words don’t have example sentences because they are already part of a bigger context. I believe the best way to learn vocabulary is by making sentences with it or by reading it inside an article, which is why I made the vocabulary section like this. At the moment there are 30 article-related vocabulary lessons.

If there are any other vocabulary topics or ideas that you have in mind, feel free to contact me any time and let me know. I’ll try to cook up a new lesson when I’m available 😉

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