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First of all I would like to welcome you to Turkishaholic. In these documentations, I hope to answer all the questions you might have on your mind. The first question on your mind must be what is Turkishaholic? I’ll try my best to give you a brief but satisfying answer!

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What is Turkishaholic?

Turkishaholic is an online Turkish learning platform that was made to help English-speaking foreigners to learn Turkish. It is a new Turkish learning platform that has been around for a little over 2 years. It has changed dramatically with every user feedback and you’re now looking at version 2.0 of the website.

Turkishaholic is a unique platform in which you will be able to learn Turkish via video courses, vocabulary lessons and various other materials. Unlike some of our competitors, Turkishaholic is a all-in-one platform. What does this mean? It means that when you visit this website, you won’t have to visit other platforms to find other types of study materials.

What Can I Do Here?

Here is a list of things you will find at Turkishaholic:

  • Full Turkish-learning video courses for different levels.
  • Vocabulary lessons teaching you new words with correct pronunciation and sentence examples.
  • Turkish conversation examples (dialogues) about various topics in three different levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced).
  • Reading and listening comprehension articles for all levels.
  • Turkish stories to learn this language through cultural adaptation.
  • Speaking and writing topics with example answers to help you with your written and spoken Turkish practices.
  • A variety of exercises, ranging from grammar, comprehension and games for all the courses, vocabulary lessons and other materials available on the Turkishaholic website.
  • A community where you can find your own Turkish teacher help you answer your questions (for free, regardless of your membership type).
  • The option to have a private online lesson with experienced Turkish teachers (fee separate from the Turkishaholic Unlimited membership).

If you’re interested in learning Turkish and are struggling to find a website that has everything you will need to learn this beautiful language, then Turkishaholic will be your final answer.

We have two types of membership; Basic (completely free) and Unlimited (a one-time payment for unlimited access). More details about the membership types will be explained on the Membership Types and Registration documentation.