What is Turkishaholic?


What is Turkishaholic?

Turkishaholic is a website for learning Turkish online. At Turkishaholic you have two choices of membership. With Basic Membership you can read Turkish Grammar explanations, download Printer-Friendly PDF Study Sheets, or watch Short but Informative Video Lectures about Turkish and Turkey.

If you’re more serious about learning Turkish, I would suggest you try out Premium Membership. With Premium Membership, in addition to the Basic features, you get access to the Grammar Exercises, Spoken Turkish (Listening and Speaking), and Written Turkish (Reading and Writing).

The most important part, only available to Premium Members, is the Video Courses section. I make full courses about Turkish, where I teach Beginner to Advanced level Turkish. I can help you improve all parts of your Turkish, not just grammar.

Who is Turkishaholic?

Turkishaholic is completely maintained by me, Gokberk Talu. I’m a professional Turkish teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience. I teach students from all around the world to speak Turkish. Currently I’m only doing Skype lessons besides updating content and helping my students at Turkishaholic.

So far, I’ve had more than 90 students and did 600 hours worth of lessons. These are the numbers for my Skype lessons which I’ve been doing only for 3 years. I stopped counting almost a year ago, so the numbers have changed.

Student Testimonials

Here are some nice words that my students have left for me in the past years. I have hundreds of reviews but these should be enough to tell you what kind of a teacher I am:

“Gökberk is an excellent teacher. He knows Turkish grammar in and out. Even though he’s a native speaker and has no need to know terms like ‘relative clauses’ or ‘personal endings’, he could explain them using examples you already know from English.”
Brian M.
“Gökberk is the all-understanding god of Turkish grammar and syntax. He really knows what he’s talking about. Highly recommend this teacher!”
Zach D.
“I had a great lesson with Gökberk today and look forward to the next meeting. Thank you! 今日貴方とトルコ語を練習するのは本当に楽しかったです。また近いうちにお目にかかりましょうね。”
Moses M.
“Thanks for the great class, this is exactly what I was looking for!!”
Lindsay S.
“Gökberk is an excellent teacher! I know almost no Turkish when we started. He has systematically helped me understand the basics. Now we’re making sentences after just a few short lessons. Looking forward to our upcoming classes!”
Kyle M.
“I should say that I find his tailor-made teaching more helpful than I had imagined before registering for lessons with him. He is well-prepared and thoughtful. He follows the grammar book (written by himself) not just from chapter 1 to chapter 2 but according to my needs and the parts I should improve myself on.”
Vasiliki S.

Self Introduction from Gokberk

Please watch my video below, where I talk a little about myself

Self Introduction – Gokberk Talu

Learn Turkish at Turkishaholic

As I’ve mentioned earlier, at Turkishaholic, there are different options for learning Turkish online. I will first talk about the Turkish Learning Portal. There are 6 sections inside the Turkish Learning Portal, three of which are Premium-only. I will explain them all starting from the free sections.

The names and the contents of the Turkish Learning Portal are subject to change in time. The Foreigner Guides section has newly opened so I will skip that section due to lack of content.

Turkish Learning Portal


This is the homepage for the Turkish Learning Portal. The first three section Turkish Grammar, Lessons and PDFs and Foreigner Guides are open to all members. The last three sections, Grammar Exercises, Spoken Turkish and Written Turkish are only open to Premium and above memberships. Let’s first take a look at the first three sections.

Turkish Grammar Section


The Turkish Grammar section is the oldest and the most full section in the Turkish Learning Portal. Here you can review your understanding of the Turkish Grammar topics by reading minimal-jargon, easy to understand explanations of any Turkish Grammar topic.

Lessons and PDFs


Here you can watch the free short lessons I put on the Turkishaholic YouTube Channel (Learn Turkish with Gokberk) and download the free PDF Vocabulary Cheatsheets. You need to make a Basic membership (free) account to see the PDF files and download them.

Grammar Exercises (Premium)


Currently, there are more than 100 grammar exercises in this database. You can do Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing exercises. There are fill in the blanks, multiple choices, listen and write, read and write, and listen and speak exercises. Some exercises give you instant feedback while others need my personal feedback.

Spoken Turkish (Premium)


The Spoken Turkish section focuses on improving your Spoken Turkish, just like its’ name. There are long speech exercises and example answers about different topics, speaking podcasts and short lectures giving you tips on how to be a better Turkish speaker.

Written Turkish (Premium)


Just like the Spoken Turkish section, the Written Turkish section aims at helping you improve your Written Turkish with example essays, articles, reading practice materials and short lectures that give you tips to be better at writing in Turkish.

Turkish Video Courses (Premium)


Now that you’ve seen the Turkish Learning Portal, let’s check out the Turkish Video Courses section. This section is only availabe to Premium or above members. The aim of the Video Courses section is to teach you Turkish via long video courses aim at particular aspects of your language acquisition. Basically, you won’t only learn Turkish Grammar, you will also improve your comprehension in many different ways. You will also learn about Turkish culture too!

Turkishaholic Reviews

Below are some reviews of my students who’ve also used Turkishaholic to improve their Turkish. I also give to everyone, who have yet to leave a review, my highest regards for choosing Turkishaholic.

“I had already tried Gökberk for Turkish private classes on Italki, and he is the best teacher I ever had! Then I got to know his site Turkishaholic, tried Premium membership and my impression of him was completely confirmed. The site is so well structured, with clear and detailed sections about all features of Turkish grammar, in a very systematic and comprehensive way, in addition to numerous exercises with solutions, many reading and listening practice, as well as cultural information, blog and interactive opportunities to discuss … In sum, The PERFECT way to learn Turkish and to appreciate its rich cultural heritage. I recommend 100%!”
Carlotta V.
“I have been a premium member of the Turkishaholic website for a couple of months. I still find out new things it has to offer and I’m glad I upgraded my membership early on. Gökberk’s hard work on updating the content keeps me busy, curious and creative; that’s a great gift from a professor to his students.”
Vasiliki S.

Before You Start Learning

Please watch the video below, before you make your final decision on your membership package and starting your journey here at Turkishaholic:

Please Watch Before You Continue

Choose Your Membership

All packages are one-time-only payments. There are no subscriptions, hidden or annual fees. Your membership will revert back to Basic (free) membership automatically once your premium package expires. No need to cancel anything.

1 Year – Save Big
  • 1 Year Premium Access
  • All Video Courses
  • Full Learning Portal
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  • Unlimited Access
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  • Future Proof Yourself!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the membership automatically renewed?

No, all the membership types are time-limited packages which don’t auto-renew. Premium Plus is 180 days, Gold is 365 days and Unlimited is “Lifetime”. Once the package expires (any of the packages besides Unlimited), your membership will automatically revert back to Basic membership. You don’t have to do anything else. Once you purchase any package, don’t cancel it from your account settings as you will be unable to use the Premium sections. Just let the package automatically expire.

Is it safe to purchase from this website?

Certainly! Every page on this website is protected with AlphaSSL 256bit encoding. None of your card information is stored at this website. The payment gateway for purchases is 2CheckOut, which is a world-renowed online payment gateway for online purchases.

Do you have money back guarantee?

We don’t have any refund policy since there are no subscriptions in the packages. If you’re unsure whether you’ll like Turkishaholic Premium or not, simply purchase the 6 month package for $30 hassle-free and try out Turkishaholic for 6 months.

We don’t do refunds because this is not a giant corporation with thousands of dollars of income. If we had to refund for every purchase, Turkishaholic would close down after few months.

Do I need Premium membership to get help?

No, I will help you out with anything Turkish or Turkey related despite your membership level. Just ask me your questions at the Community Forums.

Ok, where do I start now?

I have made two learning routes, one for Basic memberships and one for Premium membership. You can learn How to Use Turkishaholic from the page below:

How to Use Turkishaholic

I have more questions to ask you

Feel free to send an email to [email protected] . I generally respond between 12-24 hours or earlier.