3 Important Things You Should Know to Work in Turkey

Want to Work in Turkey?

If you visit Turkey once, you’ll be tempted to return time and time again. The country’s delicious food, mesmerizing beauty, and hosts of welcoming people have made many foreigners look for permanent job opportunities there. If this sounds like you, then you are in exactly the right place – from types of jobs to the visa requirements, in today’s post we have compiled everything you need to know about finding a job in Turkey.

In this short article we will learn about the various job opportunities in Turkey for foreigners. You will also learn about the procedures that need to be followed in order to successfully apply for a work permit in Turkey.

Don’t worry, the procedures aren’t that difficult to follow. But if you ever need assistance, please read the last part of this article.

Jobs in Turkey for Foreigners

The job opportunities available to foreigners are not as diverse as the ones for locals, but the selection can still be quite rewarding. It’s important to first note however that jobs in security, custom jobs, those in the maritime industry and all jobs in the medical or legal sectors are unavailable for foreigners. Besides these sectors, there are still many opportunities left including:

English Teaching

There are thousands of institutions in Turkey very willing to hire foreign workers with a great academic background in English. In order to qualify, applicants need to have a TESOL certification (an internationally recognized qualification that declares your English proficiency) and undertake a six month course that is mandatory for all candidates. You will also need to be able to make suitable lesson plans and curriculums for the class.

Summer Jobs

The tourism industry offers many jobs to foreigners especially during the summer season when the tourist count is high. In order to become a tour guide you will need to take several years of training, study, and sit for some Turkish tests before qualifying. However, you can always become a part of a hotel’s entertainment staff or work as a holiday rep.

Graduate jobs

For those in possession of a graduate degree, Turkey offers jobs in many sectors including engineering, IT, finance, and sales. As of December 2018, it was reported that the country’s construction and manufacturing sector saw the most growth in terms of new job openings and vacancies. Hiring processes are of course competitive and the chances of gaining one will of course increase according to the candidate’s proficiency level.

Jobs in your locality can be found through a number of helpful sites including Expat.com, Jobs In Istanbul, Marmaris Recruitment and more. In order to apply for these jobs – or basically any job in Turkey – you will need to possess a valid work permit and of course a visa too. Below is the simplified process of how you can get them.

Turkish Visa Permits and Requirements

Good news! The Turkish government is steadily approving more and more foreigners to legally work and reside in Turkey – according to statistics from the Turkish Labour and Social Security Ministry, over 100,000 applications for work permit were approved in the last two years alone. In order to secure this, you will need to work together with your employer to apply. There are four types of work permit available:

Temporary Work Permit

The employer must apply on behalf of the candidate to obtain this. The permit is valid for one year when first applied, and can then be renewed by the applicant near its ending. Successive permits are given based upon previous work history and may be given successfully for 2 years and 3 years if under the same employer. These are company based – quitting your current job will make that permit invalid.

Permanent Work Permit

Foreigners with a PR (long term residence or permit) or with at least eight years of valid temporary work permit experience are eligible to apply for the permanent one. This grants the foreigner all the citizenship rights that are given to a Turkish citizen.

Independent Work Permit

If you have been living in Turkey for at least a period of 5 years and can show proof of how your work has legitimately been benefitting the economy of Turkey, then you are may apply for an independent work permit there.

The Turquoise Card

This last type of permit is reserved for the most elite of employees. Foreigners who have considerable amounts of education, work experience, and legitimate positive contribution to the economy of Turkey may apply for these themselves or through their employers. Turquoise Card holders enjoy full permanent residency benefits including social security, unemployment payment and more.

Note: In order to get approved for a work permit, the applicant must be in possession of a residence permit (to live in Turkey), at least 60 day passport validity, and a valid contract with an employer too.

How to Apply For a Visa in Turkey?

In order to obtain residency permits, you will need to register with your local police department after arriving in Turkey. The procedure for Visa application is as follows:

With the necessary documents (e.g. bank statements, passport size photos, visa application forms etc.) apply for the visa at your nearest Turkish Embassy or a consulate present in your native country. The procedure should be done well before your intended departure for Turkey, since Turkish embassy officials may take several months to process it. Make sure that all the information you submit is correct because attempting to fix a mistake is an extreme lot of trouble.

Now that you know the procedures, you may very well be wondering what it’s like to be working in Turkey. To start off, you should know that Turkey is a 99% Islamic state. The people celebrate 3 days of holiday for Eid-Ul-Fitr and 4 days for Eid-Ul-Azha along with the seven other Turkish national holidays throughout the year. Work hours are usually from 8:30am to 5:30pm and the weekly limit is at 45 hours. Despite the fact that the minimum wage in Turkey is a little less than its surrounding states, the country still boasts incredibly low living costs to make up the difference.

People all over the world strive to gain work in this country full of incredible sights. With the right amounts of planning and determination you can be among the lucky accepted ones too. Want to work in Turkey? Begin your planning today!

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